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Accreditation Criteria

Accreditation Criteria

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Necessary Criteria

  1. Scope of the journal: The journal must primarily publish articles in any field of philosophy. Interdisciplinary journals are eligible only if philosophy is declared to be at least one of two main foci.
  2. Free submission of manuscripts: There must be no restriction on the submission of manuscripts based on the author's nationality, membership/nonmembership in a society, or affiliation, but authors are, as a rule, supposed to be graduated in philosophy or any relevant field. Undergraduate journals are not eligible.
  3. Peer review: All submitted manuscripts must be peer reviewed based on scholarly accepted criteria, provided submissions meet formal requirements such as the scope of the journal and general style requirements. Authors whose manuscripts are rejected must receive the referees' reports, such that they can understand the reasons for rejection.
  4. Supervision: The work of the editor(s) must be supervised by an editorial board or, if it is a journal of a scholarly society, by officials of that society.
  5. Regular publication schedule: The journal must publish articles or issues on a regular basis, which is proved by the publication of at least five articles (full papers) per year over the past two years. New journals are not eligible before their third year of successful publication record.
  6. Open access: Full texts of all journal articles must be freely accessible on the Internet as HTML and/or PDF files. There must be no access restriction based on subscription, membership, etc.
  7. Willingness to cooperate: The publisher of the journal must be willing to cooperate with the IAOAPJ on building technical standards of online publication, including meta-tagging of former articles and hyper-linking to articles of other IAOAPJ member journals, and providing access to all articles through a common interface to be established by the IAOAPJ.
  8. Annual review: Accreditiation is subject to annual review based on the above criteria. All journals must submit an annual report.

Desired Criteria

(which might eventually become necessary criteria)

  • Review: The review of manuscripts should be double-blind by at least two peers.
  • International advisory board: The journal should have an international advisory board that represents the topic of the journal on an international level.
  • Language: To provide access for the broadest possible readership, articles should be written in English, or be at least accompanied by an English abstract.
  • Navigation: Navigation through journal articles should be easy and supported by auxiliary means, such as a search box or an article index.
  • Abstracts: Each article should be accompanied by an abstract.
  • Indexing: Articles should be indexed/abstracted by all relevant international institutions that are willing to do so.
  • ISSN: The journal should have an ISSN registered with its national ISSN center.
  • Style: The journal should provide a style guide that is accessible for authors and that should uniformly be applied to all published articles.
  • Copyright: Each article should include a clear copyright statement.
  • Metatags: All articles should include standard metatags. Eventually, the journal publisher should be willing to include in all formerly published articles a system of metatags and that will be defined by the IAOAPJ.
  • Hyperlinks: References to articles of IAOAPJ member journals should include hyperlinks to the corresponding papers.


Last update: 2/13/2005